4 Ways to Make Your School Year Better

5 Tips to Help Players Get Back School Better
4 ways make school better smarter present well rounded friend
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Whether you are going to school in-person, virtually, or a combination of both, this school year is sure to be unlike any other.  

And while your school situation may be different and take some getting used to, don’t just go through the motions – use this school year to really improve and better yourself!

Man, I LOVED summer! Growing up I loved everything about summer, from the softball, to the heat, to the watermelons, to the not-having-to-go-to-school part. Summer was my happy place. But I also loved learning. So here are a couple of things I did that you can do to enjoy school more:

  1. Make Yourself Smarter – After all, school is about learning so make an effort to learn as much as you can. The subjects you’re good at are easy to spend time on since you like them. Put that same effort into the subjects you don’t like as much. After all, school is an investment in yourself. By paying attention and getting involved in the learning process, you’re making yourself better!
  2. Make Yourself Present – The legendary basketball coach, Pat Summit, always made her players sit in the front row in their classes. She had 2 reasons for doing this: 1. To show the professor that basketball players were serious about learning, and 2. To make learning easier by being at the front. I think it’s great advice, so make yourself better this school year by sitting in the front of each of your classes (or by being super attentive on-line).
  3. Make Yourself Well-Rounded – If you’re like most softball players, you’re playing school ball, travel ball, fall ball, winter ball, ball, ball, ball. While it’s a great way to improve your softball skills, it doesn’t make you very well rounded. Also, too much ball can burn you out and make you dull toward the thing you love – which is softball. So use this school year to broaden your experiences and try something new – join band or choir, or take auto shop or wood shop – anything new that will challenge you and help you enjoy softball when you get back to it!
  4. Make a New Friend – Everybody’s nervous when school starts, so help someone else feel good by making at least one new friend. You’ll meet people in school that will remain your friends for the rest of your life, so be nice to the kids that look really scared, and work to make at least one new friend!

Attitude is everything so take a great attitude into your new school year! Especially this year, when there are so many unknowns, and fluidity and flexibility are key!

For fun things for the softball player, check out our:

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