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With tryouts starting are you prepared with a tryout system that will find the best players? PrintFriendly
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Most High Schools are starting their tryouts soon which means the quality of your team will be decided by the quality of your tryout system.

You might already have a system that works well for you, or you might still be struggling with finding the right one. Either way check out whether you’ve got the 4 essentials covered for holding a great tryout:

  1. Manage Your Time:
    • Know how much total time you’ll have for your tryouts (a few hours, day, a weekend?).
    • Give your borderline players more time to help your decision.
  2. Who To Pick:
    • Picking an even number helps makes drills easier
    • Limit the number of project players you pick
    • If no JV or younger aged team then pick some younger players
  3. How to Pick:
    • Try to make decision objective using points and forms
    • Decide what skills matter, and which ones matter most
    • Avoid emotional attachments unless player is a plus to team
  4. How to Announce:
    • Decide how you’ll tell everyone who made the team
    • Keep records in case you need them
    • Be kind – they’re all doing their best!

For more details on tryouts including player evaluation sheets, tryouts schedules, sample tryouts and more – check out our eClinic 009: Everything You Need to Know About Holding a Great Tryout. And remember, all of our eClinics, ePractices, eDrills and eSkills can be found in our Vault Classic™ (best value!).

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