Fungo Anyone?

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fungo players hitters bat batting practice
fungo players hitters bat batting practice

If you’re wondering what a fungo is, how to hit them, or how to teach your players to hit them, then these 5 keys are a must read.

In regards to hitting fungos – the first thing to know that you may have already found out is that fungoes aren’t easy to hit. It takes practice to learn to hit them, but there are a few tips that might make it easier for you to learn:

  1. First, grip the bat and choke up 3-4 inches for more control.
  2. Then, take your bottom hand (the left one if you’re left handed) and hold the ball with this hand – keeping your top hand (right hand if you’re right handed) at its regular place on the bat for how you hold the bat.
  3. Keep both the ball and the bat up near your shoulders and slightly in front of your body (to make it easier to see and hit).
  4. Gently toss the ball up high enough to give you time to put the tossing hand on the bat.
  5. Then gently swing and hit the ball.

Common fungo problems:

  • Tossing the ball too high
  • Keeping the bat too far behind you so your swing is too long
  • Tossing and hitting the ball too low (down by your waist instead of up by your shoulders)

Controlling your fungo:

  1. To hit a flyball fungo simply angle your bat slightly upward when hitting the ball
  2. To hit a groundball fungo simply angle your bat slightly downward when hitting the ball

A great batting practice for your players to learn bat control is for every player to have a bat, some tennis balls and enough space to try hitting fungos themselves. It really helps them watch the ball, handle the bat and concentrate while freeing you up to roam and help everyone.

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