Free Softball Tips for the running slap

Here are some quick keys for helping your lefty slappers become more consistent and effective:

  • Line up about middle of box with bellybutton near middle of plate
  • As pitcher delivers the ball player either takes a cross-over step with the back foot, or else takes about a 6″ drop-shuffle step with the front foot (player preference) but NO longer than 6 inches if using the front foot shuffle.
  • Keep the front shoulder facing the pitcher to prevent opening up too soon and leaving the outside of plate open
  • Use the same upper body swing mechanics used for a regular swing with the Running Slap with following options at contact:
    • Bunt
    • Stopping swing at impact for a “soft slap”
    • Swinging down sharply on the ball for a high bounce infield slap (called a “hard slap”)
    • Swinging a normal powerful swing as with a regular hitter for a “power slap”

Following contact immediately peel and run to first (NOT before contact as many slappers do).

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