Why the Most Often Asked Recruiting Question is Wrong

recruit recruiting question wrong coach work play student athlete
recruit recruiting question wrong coach work play student athlete

Working camps all summer, I’ve heard eager future student-athletes ask the same question – it’s just the wrong one.

Learn the question you should be asking coaches.

During all types of different summer camps, players are always coming up and asking the same question over and over, it’s just the wrong question to ask. They constantly ask, “coach, what kind of player are you looking for?

That might sound like a great question, but to me it’s not, and here’s why. The typical answer is: “I’m looking for a player that’s athletic, fast, powerful, a student of the game, great teammate, blah, blah, blah.” Right? Sounds logical.

The player hears this answer and thinks, “good, that’s me”, and I’m thinking, “no, you’re not even close.” What the player REALLY wants to know is – “coach, what would make you stop and watch me play?” There is so much average softball being played right now that a player who is focused & engaged in every pitch, knows the count, is supportive of her teammates after SHE makes a mistake, is giving her best effort instead of just her safest – this player stands out from the average mass.

Instead of asking me what kind of player I’m looking for, ask me what would make me stop and watch you play. But honestly, instead of asking me a question at all, just go out and WORK to be the player on any field you play on that makes every coach stop and want to watch you play!

Good luck to all the teams playing in national championships in the coming weeks!

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  1. Before this season of softball i would have never put all my effort into a foul ball that i know is uncatchable or work my butt off even when i’m hurt to make sure i’m still at my best abilities when i get back to playing. i’ve realized that college coaches want the player that will go the extra mile and be alert every pitch, every hit, and every throw. No matter if they just got done making an error. A metaphorical switch has to turn on as soon as you step on that field that makes you the player that college coach’s want to see and other players want to be. You can’t play it safe if you want to stand out among the hundreds of other girls that are playing in that same tournament. You have to go for that ball, be the spark in hitting, make that play, and if you don’t make sure everyone watching knows you just put 110% effort into whatever you were doing and you simply failed. Failure is inevitable but the way you bounce back from it makes you different from everyone else and what makes you a leader. I’m so thankful for this season of softball and teaching me that talent isn’t just what college coaches want.

  2. Thank you for this article Cindy. There seems to be a lot of “travel ball” people who do not realize the true level they are at. they are all walking away saying “that’s me.”

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