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Ever wonder how all the great coaches turn all that charting data into info that actually helps their team win games? PrintFriendly
Fastpitch Softball Coaching turning charting data into info that actually helps win softball games

Ever wonder how all the great coaches turn all that charting data into info that actually helps their team win games?

If so then you aren’t alone as too many coaches spend time gathering tons of information on all kinds of charts while never actually doing anything with any of it. Learn how to properly evaluate and use these charts.

If you know how to properly evaluate your charts you’ll discover they contain lots of secrets that will change how you call pitches, how you practice & prepare for opponents and how you attack the other team.

For many of you games have started and it’s time to pull out all those charts you use both in the dugout and in the stands. Lots of you spent tons of time charting everything from your pitchers to your hitters to everything about your opponents. And while charting can really help you learn a great deal about your team, your players and your opponents it’s only as effective as your method for sifting through and using the volume of data you’ll quickly generate.

While I offer a lot of charting samples on my site for tracking anything from hitters to pitchers to coaching tendencies, the secret lies in how you take all this info once you’re finished charting and make it show you the secrets behind the numbers.

If you’re going to bother charting then there are 4 things you must do in order to make sure your time isn’t wasted and that the information you gather will actually put your team in a position to win:

  1. Know What You’re Going to Use the Information For
  2. Find the Easiest System to Get All the Information You Will Use
  3. Write Down As Much Information As You’ll Use
  4. Only Chart If You’re Going to Use the Information

At many clinics I’ve spoken at around the country, the topic I’ve spoken on was How to Use Pitching Charts to Win More Games in which I used my eClinic – Pitching Charts – How to Use Them to Win More Games! In this eClinic you’ll see and hear everything you’ll need to know so you can take all those pitching charts and actually find out the secrets that lie inside of them. Find out things like what pitch your pitcher should be throwing more and which ones she’s already throwing too much. Learn how to call a better game by using an evaluation chart and get a jump on your competition today!

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