How To Make Yourself Better Watching Postseason Softball

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It’s the postseason and time to check out my guide to helping your players watch the Road to OKC!

Let me help you help your players watch postseason softball – and get better in the process.

Getting caught up in the excitement of postseason softball is easy with all the great plays, incredible pitching and energetic cheering. But what if your players could actually improve their game by watching at a much deeper level. Think Hubble Telescope instead of just gazing up at the stars, and you’ll understand what I mean.

  1. Watch Your Position, Closely – this doesn’t mean just watching them while you’re also playing with your phone. Or just watching “the whole thing”. It means absorbing everything about the person playing your position and everything they do as if you’re watching it through a microscope.
    • On Defense:
    • What do they do in between pitches?
    • How do they talk with the other players on the field?
    • How often do they change positioning on the field?
      On Offense:
    • How do they focus their attention prior to stepping into the box?
    • How do they appear to mentally handle hitting difficult pitching?
    • How can you tell they’re being aggressive at the plate?
  1. What Do You Like Most About How She Plays? – Is it her aggressiveness going after balls on defense? Is it how fierce or intense she is at bat? Is it her intense concentration, or her incredible ability not to be upset by a mistake? Watch intently and find what it is you like MOST about how she plays the game so that you can add that same quality to your game.
  2. How Does She Handle Mistakes or Frustration? – Here’s a HUGE one! These players are really, really good, and yet they will make mistakes. They’ll strike out, walk hitters, throw balls away and bobble balls – just like the rest of us. But, the difference is, they will shake it off quickly and not let a mistake hurt their next play. These players know the camera is zoomed in on their face, so watch how cool they are under pressure, and how seldom they show any frustration on their face.
  3. What Will You Do Different After Watching Her Play? – And this is the BIG takeaway, isn’t it? How will you allow these incredible softball players to improve your game? Will your favorite player motivate you to get in better shape this summer, or overcome an injury, or increase your range, or improve your bravery diving for balls, or commit to staying focused throughout the game no matter how you’re doing? Whatever your game needs in order to improve, chances are good you’ll discover that thing and find your motivation for doing it by closely watching the NCAA softball playoffs.

If you’re a coach, take this opportunity to assign your players homework to watch the person playing their position during the postseason. Have them answer these questions and forward you their answers. You’ll be amazed at the insight your players will take from this, and the improvement they’ll show simply by looking more closely at a game they already love.

Here’s hoping your favorite team plays their best!

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