5 Takeaways from the Hitting Summit

2019 hitting summit 5 takeaways lowe malveaux snider kolaitis husband
2019 hitting summit 5 takeaways lowe malveaux snider kolaitis husband

The best hitting coaches in the college game gathered to share with and learn from one another. Check out my 5 key Hitting Summit take-aways.

I’ve taken a mind-blowing week and condensed it all down for you.

The Hitting Summits are an exclusive educational opportunity for college coaches that allow for a total immersion into the advanced concepts and details of hitting. Things like mobility training, periodization & kinetic chain utilization are discussed in detail – all in an effort to increase our knowledge and improve the performance of our hitters under pressure.

This year’s Hitting Summit’s speakers included: – Craig Snider – Texas A&M, Jimmy Kolaitis – University of Alabama-Birmingham, Chris Malveaux – University of Missouri, Caitlin Lowe – University of Arizona and Perry Husband – Effective Velocity.

They were all tremendous in their own way, each one not only taught us some incredible information, but each speaker, when not speaking, was riveted in their seat listening and learning from everyone else.

So, while there’s tons more that I learned, and that you can learn by watching past Hitting Summits via our Hitting Summit Vault, here are my Key take-aways from each speaker from the 2019 Hitting Summit:

  • Perry Husband (HittingIsAGuess.com):
    • Hitters tend to get the most extended and do the most consistent damage at the bottom of the strike zone.
    • The ideal “launch angle” is about 10 degrees because it produces better misses that still result in hard hit groundballs that do damage as well as home runs.
    • Placing the front foot down early tends to result in more groundballs.
    • Always try to improve your maximum exit velocity because the harder a ball is hit (any way and any place) the more likely it is to do damage.
  • Craig Snider (Texas A&M):                                           
    • If you get 14 or more QAB’s per game you’re in great shape.
    • Shoot for Zero Negatives when you’re talking with your players. Instead of telling them don’t strike out, against a tough pitcher, tell them you’re gonna strike out, and it’s OK. But you know what, we’re gonna get a couple too!
    • Caring IS coaching!
    • Average mechanics will still cause damage when you swing at the right pitch!
  • Jimmy Kolaitis (University of Alabama – Birmingham):
    • Instead of saying “just put the ball in play” focus on hitting “power groundballs!”
    • 70% of college softball pitchers throw on the outer half, that increases to 85% against slappers.
    • Swing early in the count against elite pitchers.
    • Talk spin direction with your hitters instead of talking pitches. So instead of a rise talke up spin and instead of drop talk down spin.
    • Against a Rise – make your outs on the ground. Against a Drop – make your outs in the air.
  • Chris Malveaux(University of Missouri) :
    • Our muscles work together in a chain; from the hip to the shoulder to the hands to the bat.
    • Our scapula contraction whips the arm down and the bat into contact.
    • Square up everything!!
    • To create power and bat speed – Coil your hips.
  • Caitlin Lowe (University of Arizona):
    • When first working with your slappers spend the first month helping them just get on time.
    • Your fastest move is to get the bat out front.
    • The pitcher is providing the music and the slapper’s job is to get on time to it.
    • Foul territory is your best friend as a slapper.
    • “Just because you can hit that pitch doesn’t mean you should.”

Keep in mind these are just a few of my take-aways and not everything theses speakers taught us.

My thanks to all our great speakers, and to everyone who came to our 2019 Hitting Summit! Share what you learned and make our game better!In the coming months we will be adding all these great presentations to our Hitting Summit Vault, but in the meantime, get our Hitting Summit Vault and get caught up on past Hitting Summits!!

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