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We all want our players to have confidence, but do your players know what confidence looks like and how to tell if they have it?

Confidence is an internal feeling that has outwards signs. Displaying the following signs tells our teammates we’re confident and confidence can be contagious.

Sometimes people want to see outward signs of confidence, especially during stressful situations when our own personal confidence might be low. So, what are the signs of confidence, and how can a player tell if they have it?

Signs that you have confidence include things like:

  • Encouraging your teammates when it’s a tough situation
  • Staying calm when the pressure is on
  • Standing tall when things are tough
  • Looking determined when it’s a pressure situation
  • Encouraging your teammates after you make a mistake
  • Smiling and high fiving your teammates no matter how tough the situation
  • Talking and cheering when there’s pressure
  • Wanting to be up with a runner in scoring position
  • Wanting the ball hit to you in an important situation

The biggest thing is simply performing successfully under pressure! That’s what confidence is really all about – believing in yourself and your ability to get the job done when the pressure is on!

For more confidence-building ideas and team building drills check out our book A Coach’s Guide to Creating Team Chemistry: Tips on Coaching Female Athletes.

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