5 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit

There’s more to the upcoming holidays than simply getting some time off from school. Learn 5 things you can do to help you, and others, get into the holiday spirit. PrintFriendly

Fastpitch Softball Free Article for student athletes on things you can do to get in the holiday spirit and help someone else

Know how to make more out of the holidays than turkey and presents.

Discover 5 things that will truly help you give to others, and wind up getting in return.

As you plan for Christmas and your holiday vacation, start thinking about others. Think about ways that you can make someone have a fantastic day by making them smile, giving them a handmade gift, or even donating your time. The best way to really help yourself, is to start by helping others. So here’s a list of some ways you can do that:

    1. SmileA simple smile can really brighten someone’s day – including yours. Smiling isn’t hard to do when you’re happy and life’s great, but try doing it more when your life stinks and things aren’t going so well – but that’s when you need to smile the most. A simple little smile will help people you see relax and you’ll be surprised how many will smile back. So as you’re walking around this holiday season, instead of acting like you’re trying out for Scrooge try to smile a lot more and see how much that changes you, and the people around you.
    2. Be Nice to a Random Stranger – You might be surprised to learn that most adults feel tons of pressure around the holidays. Lots of people feel they have to spend money they might not have which can cause them to become grumpy. So while you’re out and about, hold a door open for someone, or let them go ahead of you in line, or say please and thank you – anything that simply helps you be nice to a completely random stranger who just might need that little boost of niceness!
    3. Volunteer Your Time – Instead of thinking about all the things you want for the holidays, try thinking about a place you could donate your time. Maybe call up the local animal shelter and help out for a day, or help serve meals at the local food kitchen, or get a bunch of your friends and go sing Christmas Carols at the local seniors home. Find a way to give your time helping others and it will be the best present you ever gave, or received!
    4. Make it Personal – Presents don’t have to be expensive. In fact, the best ones are personal and thoughtful. Take your time and think about the important people in your life and what things matter to them, and then try to make something personal for each of them. My Mom has 5 kids and 6 grandkids and each year we make her a calendar with photos of all of us on the month that we were each born. It doesn’t take much time, doesn’t even cost much money and of all the gifts she gets, she loves it the most – and, she uses it every day all year long. She’d never make it for herself and yet she loves it because we made it for her! Use your head and see what things you can make for the important people in your life.
    5. Be Truly Thankful – So many people do so many things for you throughout the year that you should take time during the holidays and thank them. Write each person a personal note telling them how grateful you are for the things they do for you. Maybe your brother catches for you so you can practice pitching. So write him a note and tell him how much it means that he’d do that to help you get better. Your parents drive you around all year long so bake them cookies and give them a personal thank you note. Give your coach a note thanking him or her for being your coach and helping you get better. I’m not talking a text from your phone – I’m talking an old-fashioned hand-written thank you note. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

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