Add More Power with 1 Simple Hitting Adjustment

off plate hitting adjustment power player struggle sweet spot barrel

If you could make 1 simple adjustment to your hitters to give them more power would you do it?

Of course you would, so check out how …

hitting adjustment power player struggle  sweet spot barrel

If your players struggle to hit the ball powerfully, and yet they’re strong and have good technique, then they might simply be using the wrong part of their bat.

Here’s what I mean. Bats are very high-tech pieces of equipment, and all that money and technology goes into creating a powerful “sweet spot”. In other words, that part of the barrel where the highest performance of the bat lives. Hit a ball there, and you’ll hit it hard, but miss that part of the bat, and you’re losing a ton of the bat’s power.

I ask players if they’d hit with a bat from Walmart, and most say “no way”. It just wouldn’t be any good. But that’s what you’re doing when you hit a ball too far up the barrel – you’re using the Walmart part of the bat.

Like the hitter in picture (1), I see too many hitters starting too close to homeplate. This causes them to hit the ball with the upper barrel Walmart part of the bat instead of the high-tech sweet spot. They also miss out on hitting balls far because the jam themselves by being so close to the plate.

off plate hitting adjustment power player struggle  sweet spot barrel

To help your hitters blast more balls, have them move back, away from the plate an inch or two – as in picture (2) – and then see what happens. I’ll bet you’re both surprised how the same swing results in a lot more power and explosion off the bat!

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  1. Walmart part of the barrel….LOL. I get it but you just may have offended a large percent of the population.

  2. I really enjoy your articles and insight but I’m not sure I can agree on this one, at least for the older players.

    By the time players reach 16u, the problem is not hitting the ball on the inside (nearest the handle) dead spot on the bat, it is the one at the end of the bat on outside pitches that causes all the grief. Pitchers routinely try to get the river call on the outside and you see lots of long fly outs when they can’t get enough extension to get out to the sweet spot on the bat. My personal experience and that of most college hitting coaches I have discussed this with is to have them take away the inside pitch by crowding the plate and making a little more of the sweet spot available on that outside pitch.

    Just my two cents.

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