Bunting: Proper Position in the Box

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Softball Tips on bunting - proper position in the batters box when bunting

When You’re Bunting – Should You Be in the Back or Front of the Box?

Each position in the batter’s box has different benefits for the bunter, so let’s check them out:

Front of the Box – gives your bunter more fair territory which can be very important for younger aged bunters, or for higher skilled bunters against an overpowering pitcher.

Back of the Box – gives your bunter more angles down each foul line to allow for more bunt placement, and will also help your bunter get the bunt out farther from the catcher as the short bunt close to the plate (that a quick catcher will scoop up and quickly throw the runner out at 2nd) will go foul in the back of the box.

So, based on the skill level of bunters you have, or the quality of pitcher or catcher you’re playing against, you can decide whether your bunters should be in the front or the back of the box.

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  1. Great tips, but one questions. Don’t you want to bunt from the same position you hit from so you don’t tip off the defense as to what you are doing?

  2. Only if you’re doing what’s called a “sneaky bunt” (where you are trying to act like you’re hitting and then bunt at the last minute). Otherwise, your hitter should commit to the bunt early so she isn’t rushed at the last second.

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