3 Tips for Young Catchers

While catchers don’t seem to get a lot of coaching, they are HUGELY important to the outcome of a game. A great catcher helps make a great pitcher so discover 3 things to improve your catcher today!

Catching involves lots of equipment, even more squatting, and usually not much help. Learn some easy-to-understand concepts that will really help your catchers.

fastpitch softball 3 tips young catchers catching glove stretch

  1. Open the Glove – lots of young catchers think they’re giving their pitcher a target, when in reality, their pitchers see the back of the glove. To help your catchers improve their target teach them to Open their Glove by Pulling their Fingers Back and Moving their Thumb forward.
  2. Stretch it Out – instead of catching the ball with their glove close to their body, teach your young catchers to Stretch Out their Arm and catch the ball closer to home plate. This not only helps the catcher catch more balls by keeping the ball in their line of sight, but it also makes it easier for the umpire to see where the ball was caught.
  3. Get a Grip – teach your young catchers to use their feet to grip the ground and help them get comfortable and balanced. Once a catcher loses her balance she’s not able to catch a ball, frame a pitch or throw anyone out.

You don’t need to have been a catcher yourself in order to help teach your young catchers how to get better. Spend time with them every practice going over these 3 simple tips and watch your catchers improve both their skill and their confidence!

For more help with your Catchers, check out the following:

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  1. Many catchers like to be on their toes and narrow their stance, and I was under the impression it should be a wider base, and weight on inside of feet

  2. The base is wider with the weight on the inside part of their feet once they get into their receiving position. but catchers will often sit up on their toes with a more narrow stance to signal the pitch or wait while the pitcher gets the signal from the dugout.

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