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We get tons of questions about our various educational products and how they’re all different. This is a new addition to our newsletter that will highlight a product or category of product so you can see if we might have something you need.

Let’s look at an educational product category that we call eClinics.

Basically, this means electronic clinic. An eClinic is a Powerpoint presentation that I narrate just like you might have seen at a clinic you’ve been to, or in a training session at work. Some of our eClinics also contain videos, but all of them are meant to be extremely informative, detailed to the specific topic and complete.

Online Softball Coaching Clinics from Softball Excellence

You watch our eClinics online – which means as long as you have a computer and an internet connection you can watch them. Every eClinic lasts around an hour and is packed with tons of helpful information. PLUS, each eClinic comes with over 15+ pages of notes that you can download and printout to keep as a guide. Here’s a look at the eClinics we offer and their skill categories:


Pitching Strategy:




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