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5 Resolutions to Make You a Better Player in the New Year

The New Year means New Year’s resolutions and a new softball season. Here are 5 ways you can combine your resolutions with your softball and have a great year! PrintFriendly

Fastpitch Softball 5 New Years Resolutions that will help make you a better player and teammate

No matter what kind of weather you might have where you live, check out how to take control of your upcoming season.

Hope is a wonderful thing, and it’s definitely what the start of every season is filled with. As a player, you want to turn hope into action by telling yourself exactly what you’re going to do to help make your softball dreams for this season come true.

So, here are 5 things you should resolve to strive for as you finish your preparations for the 2014 softball season:

  1. Be Driven – You not only have to love softball, but you’ve got to find a softball goal that will motivate and drive you. Being driven means you wake up everyday thinking about how you’re going to make your dream a reality. It means you welcome all the work that goes into those dreams, and that you won’t quit on your dreams, no matter how hard they become. Use your Softball Excellence Journal to write down your goals, and keep track of your progress!

  2. Be Humble – Work hard for your goals but always be humble. Confidence is different than arrogance. A confident player knows they can do it because they know they’ve put the work in so they do their talking with their play on the field. But an arrogant player does their talking with their mouth because their actions can’t be backed up. Shut your mouth and do your preparation and your humbleness will be admired by your coaches, your teammates, and your opponents!

  3. Be Thankful – Your success on the softball field requires a lot of help from a lot of people. Your parents who drove you all over the place, your coaches who work with you every day, your teammates who constantly have your back, as well as your friends, trainers, and teachers. Make a list of all the people who have ever helped your softball journey continue and make sure you thank them. Being thankful to others helps you enjoy the joy called softball!

  4. Be Helpful – Making others around us better is what we do in team sports. So be a GREAT teammate! Help a weaker player with a skill they might struggle with, say something nice to a person you don’t usually talk to, help put the equipment away, or simply find a way to be helpful. There’s always tons to do around a softball team so find something to do, or someone to help and be a team player!

  5. Be Respectful – And finally, be respectful to everyone – your coaches, your parents, your teammates parents, your teammates, the umpires and your opponents. But most of all – respect the game! That means hustle on and off the field, give every play your very best, and always respect your opportunity to play softball by respecting everyone within it!

For more help with your New Year’s Softball Resolutions, check out our Softball Excellence Softball Journal!

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  1. This article is so simple & true. I’ve shared it via twitter with our entire softball association. Thank you Cindy !!!!!!!!

  2. Great article Cindy. My daughter just turned 9 and is a pretty decent player. With that in mind we hear a lot. I have constantly told her since she was 6 years old not to get caught up in that stuff and start speaking with her mouth. I preach to only speak with her glove, arm and bat.

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