Coaching Certification Up Close – Level 7

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Fastpitch Softball Coaching Level 7 Certification Training

As the final level in our 7 level Coaching Certification Program, Level 7 provides coaches with the most advanced instruction in all 9 of the skills we cover within the program. But the question is, is this the right level for you?

We conclude our look into each Level in our 7 Level Coaching Certification Program with our final and most advanced level – Level 7. This level is targeted toward advanced coaches and coaches with advanced and experienced players. This Level includes a 67 minute online training program as well as 20+ pages of downloadable notes.

Within the 9 Skill Modules of Level 7 you’ll find the following information:

Communication Keys to Coaching the Female Athlete
Throwing Spin Throws
(How to make throws when turning your back to the target)
Infield Backing Up
Outfield Backing Up
(4 critical Back Up keys for both infielders and outfielders)
Hitting Key Hitting Adjustments
(How to prepare for hitting inside & outside pitches, high and low pitches and fast and slow pitches)
Pitching Seasonal Workouts
(The important elements your pitchers need to have in their workouts during the off-
season, the pre-
season, early in-
season and later in-
Catching Pitch Calling
(How to call pitches by knowing the critical counts, the key factors in calling pitches, how to work with your pitcher & coach, and how to do your homework)
Bunting Combination Bunt
(Learn how to execute the Combo Bunt which is often called the Bunt-
Baserunning Delayed Steal
(Keys for executing the delayed steal)
Strategy Calling Pitches from the Dugout
(Methods for calling pitches from the dugout including different signal systems, how to hide and decoy your signals, and how to help your catchers learn to call their own game)
Practice Seasonal Practices
(Learn the focuses and objectives for creating practices for the Off-
Season, Pre-Season & In Season)

To learn all this great information and take advantage of the great information in Level 7, check out our:

and you might also want to look at our other levels as well:

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