Coaching Certification Up Close – Level 2

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Fastpitch Softball Coaching Level 2 Certification Training

This is the 2nd of a series of articles on our Coaching Certification Program. This is a very exciting program that is packed with so much fantastic information. In this article we’ll be highlighting Level 2.

This week we’re going to look inside Level 2 which is targeted toward beginning coaches. This Level includes a 72 minute online training program as well as 25 pages of downloadable notes.

Within the 9 Skill Modules of Level 2 you’ll find the following information:

Communication Keys to Handling Frustration
Throwing Change of Direction Throws
  (How to quickly & successfully change the direction of a throw)
  Infield Shorthops, Forehands, Backhands
  Outfield Drop Step & Using Angles
    (Essential glove work for infielders and footwork keys for outfielders)
Hitting Solving Twisting Problems
  (How to help your hitters solve the very common problem of twisting that results in foul balls and weakly hit groundballs)
Pitching Improving Accuracy
  (The important elements needed to help your pitchers improve their accuracy and control)
Catching Blocking
  (The basics & keys required for catchers to successfully block balls directly in front as well as to each side)
  Bunting Controlling Direction
    (Learn how to properly control the placement and direction of bunts)
  Baserunning Rounding Bases & Balanced Leads
    (Keys for your runners getting around the bases as fast as possible and for making sure your runners take fast & balanced lead offs)
Strategy Position Keys
  (Basics and requirements for playing each of the 9 positions as well as the numbers of each position given each position for scorekeeping)
Practice Holding a 1 Coach Practice
  (Tips on how to successfully hold a practice with only 1 coach including how to manage your time to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed. Included is a sample practice format for a 1 coach practice)

To learn all this great information and take advantage of our the great information in Level 2, check out our:

and you might also want to look at our other levels as well:

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