Coaching Certification Up Close – Level 1

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Fastpitch Softball Coaching Level 1 Certification Training

We’re really excited about our Coaching Certification Program. Since every level is jam-packed with so much fantastic information, I’m going to write a series of article to better explain exactly what you can expect to learn in each Certification Level. We’ll be highlighting one level in each of our next 6 newsletters.

Within our Coaching Certification Program each level is targeted toward a different experience-level coach. No matter how short or how long you’ve been coaching there’s a Coaching Certification Level for you that will give you enough great information to really help your team improve.

Not sure just how to figure out what level is right for you? Well there are three different ways to figure it out:

  1. The first is to check out just what skills or information you’re looking for based on our 7 Levels of Excellence article. This article shows through the use of pictures which topics are taught in our 9 different skills categories within each of our 7 different Coaching Certification Levels.
  2. The second way to figure out what level’s for you is to base it on your experience and years of coaching softball. Or, you can choose the level you start on based on the skill level of your players. Now it’s rare for all of your players to have the exact same skill level so you’ll probably decide which Certification Level you need based on the majority skill level of your players:
    1. Level 1 – Beginner Skill Level, 1st year or entry-level coaches
    2. Level 2 – Beginner Skill Level
    3. Level 3 – Intermediate Skill Level
    4. Level 4 – Intermediate Skill Level
    5. Level 5 – Advanced Skill Level
    6. Level 6 – Advanced Skill Level
    7. Level 7 – Advanced Skill Level

A Closer Look into Level 1

This week we’re going to look inside Level 1 which is targeted toward the Beginning or Entry-Level coach or a coach with entry-level players. Level 1 is our most beginning level. This Level includes a 63 minute online training program as well as a 20 pages of downloadable notes that you can print out and use to start building your own coaching notebook.

Within each of the 9 Skill Modules of Level 1 you’ll find the following information:

Communication Communication Keys & Coaching Responsibilities
Throwing Fundamentals for Throwing
(The correct technique for the stride, arm motion, release & follow through)
Infield Fundamentals for Fielding Groundballs
Outfield Fundamentals for Fielding Flyballs
(Basics for the Ready Position, Glove Position, Fielding Position as well as Common Mistakes)
Hitting Fundamentals of the Softball Swing
(Basics for Grip, Stance, Stride, Swing, Follow Through)
Pitching Fundamentals for Pitching
(Basics for the Grip, Start, Stride, Arm Motion, Release and Follow Through)
Catching Fundamentals for Receiving a Pitch
(Basics for wearing & fitting the equipment, the stance and receiving a pitch)
Bunting Fundamentals for the Sacrifice Bunt
(Basics for grip, stance and bunting)
Baserunning Fundamentals for Running to 1st Base & Taking LeadOffs
(Basics for how to run to 1st base, how and when to lead off of bases)
Strategy How to Make Out Your Line Up
(Fundamental concepts for understanding how to make out your batting lineup)
Practice How to Organize Your Practice
(Basics for organizing your time, your players and your skills)

To learn all this great information and take advantage of our the great information in Level 1, check out our:

and you might also want to look at our other levels as well:

Save $40 by ordering our Certification Levels 1-7 Package. The Package price saves you almost 30% over buying all seven Certification eClinics separately.

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