Coaching Certification Up Close – Level 6

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Fastpitch Softball Coaching Level 6 Certification Training

Continuing on with our Coaching Certification Program overview, we’re highlighting Level 6 in this issue so you can see if this contains the information you need.

This article looks inside Level 6 which is targeted toward more advanced coaches and players. This Level includes a 65 minute online training program as well as 20+ pages of downloadable notes.

Within the 9 Skill Modules of Level 6 you’ll find the following information:

Communication Repairing & Building confidence
Throwing Relays & Cutoffs
  (The difference between the 2 & keys for making each successfull)
  Infield Diving
  Outfield Diving
    (Keys to teach both infielders and outfielders how to dive)
Hitting Hitting Different Pitches
  (How to hit riseballs, dropballs and changeups)
Pitching The Riseball
  (The important elements to help throw the riseball)
Catching Maximizing your Pitcher
  (Understanding the 4 keys things a catcher should know to do to make sure her pitcher is as good as possible)
  Bunting The Running Slap
    (Learn the keys for successfully executing the Running Slap from both the front and side angles)
  Baserunning Groundball Go!
    (Learn an offensive play that can score a run without hitting the ball past the infield)
Strategy Giving signals from 3rd Base
  (Learn the keys to giving good signals to your hitters as well as a few common signal systems)
Practice Game Situation Practices
  (Learn how to prioritize your offensive & defensive practice needs and how to mix in game situations in practice)

To learn all this great information and take advantage of the great information in Level 6, check out our:

and you might also want to look at our other levels as well:

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