The 2 Greatest Questions a Coach Can Ask

2 two greatest questions coach ask prepared practice

Want this year to be different and your players to come through in the clutch? Then you’ll want to memorize these 2 incredible questions!

Preparing our players is what we do as coaches, and these 2 questions will help you do it better.

I recently heard a very good friend of mine say two of the greatest things I think a coach could ever say to a player. Corrie Hill, former assistant coach at University of Texas and current Assistant Coach at Michigan State University was a speaker at our recent Hitting Summit.

During her talk on helping your players be prepared through practice, she said two of the greatest things I’ve ever heard a coach say. The first was:

“What more can I do to help you feel prepared?”

Corrie’s follow up to this question was brilliant…”it doesn’t matter if I think you’re prepared, it matters if YOU think you’re prepared!”

Think about that. That statement puts the ownership of helping on the coach. It makes the player feel like the coach is a partner in the preparation process instead of simply the judge. And, depending on how the player answers this question it helps give the coach a much clearer picture into where the player feels they have a weakness, so more work can be put into that area.

The second statement Corrie made was something she says we should all ask our players the day before gameday:

“What more can I do for you to make you feel good for tomorrow?”

A large part of being confident is feeling good, and you can really help your players feel good for their upcoming game by asking them this simple question. Instead of showing your hitters video clips of the opposing pitcher throwing her amazingly incredible pitches (only setting their confidence back further), try instead to show them a clip of her throwing unsuccessful pitches. Do everything you can to help your players each feel good for tomorrow!

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