1-2-3-4 Scrimmage

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This modified scrimmage creates competition while challenging your players to rise to the occasion and get it done, now! Check out how.

Create a game-like situation that forces your players to rise to the occasion by taking away all their “do-overs” and simply gives them one swing to make it happen. This 1-2-3-4 Scrimmage will do just that.

 It’s great that your players can do it in practice, until it’s game-time and suddenly their skills are nowhere to be found. Sound familiar? Players get used to being able to “end on a good one” – which really means they get to keep trying until it’s good. Well that’s not how games work. In a game, if you want to end on a good one then you have to make the last one good. Period. The umpire doesn’t let you keep trying until you get it right.

I got this scrimmage idea from Brian Bosch the softball coach at Fort Atkinson High School in Fort Atkinson, WI, home of the Blackhawks, and it’s a great way to help your players learn to step-up under pressure – and can be done indoors or outdoors. It gets its name from the 1-2-3-4 scoring and is a great way to add competition to the end of your practice!

Here’s how it works:
  • Can be done indoors or outdoors and from a Batting T or from side-toss
  • If Indoors – place the T or side-tosser at the end of the gym. If Outdoors – place the T or side-tosser at homeplate.
  • Split your team up into 2 even teams. One team on defense the other on offense.
  • Defense can play anywhere they want.
  • Offense sends up 1 hitter at a time, and they only get 1 swing!
  • Scoring is as follows:
    • +1 = groundball to opposite free throw line (indoors), or to the outfield grass (outdoors)
    • +2 = flyball past the opposite free throw line (indoors), or to the outfield grass (outdoors)
    • +3 = rolls and hits the gym wall (indoors), or outfield fence (outdoors).
    • +4 = hits the end wall in the air (indoors), or hits the outfield fence on 1-bounce or less (outdoors)
  • You play with a tennis ball and the defense does not use their gloves!
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