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Help for Catchers That Blink

Blinking is a natural reaction when a ball is flying directly at you, but it's not helpful at all to a catcher. Uncover 3 tips for helping teach your catchers to keep those eyes open. I've always used the following 3 things...


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Practice Hitting the Change Up

Hitting a change up is hard, and practicing to hit one can be even harder. That is, until you start using this simple change up front toss drill. For this drill, you’ll need a partner or a coach, a bucket of regular...


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2 Strategy Quizzes You Should Try

If you think your team is the only one that’s clueless then you might be surprised to learn that even the NFL has to practice simple “what should you do now?” quizzes. Check out 2 ways to really help your players...


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The WCWS – My 4 Takeaways

Man, what a year for college softball! From the first tournament back in February to the final game in OKC this was a year for the record books. I’m sure you have your own thoughts about the Women’s College World Series,...


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The Truth About Wrist Snap in Pitching

Quit wasting time doing snap drills that might not help your pitcher. Find out instead what will really make a difference when it comes to wrist snap in pitching. I know I’m going against everything you’ve ever learned about pitching when...


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